By Sam Kiser

By Sam Kiser

If we are honest life doesn’t always work out the way we hope it will. We try our best to plan and strive to make things go the way we want, but we are disappointed when we realize there are just too many factors outside of our control. It doesn’t matter if it’s lunch plans at the new restaurant in the valley, or maybe the daycare we hope we to get our child into. Sometimes things just don’t fall in to place. 

For the follower of Jesus we are reminded every year that there is only one person whose life always went according to plan. Easter or Resurrection Sunday, is the reminder that Jesus predicted his own death and resurrection, and then actually pulled it off. Jesus fulfilled over 300 prophecies told hundreds of years before his life. The odds of this actually taking place is astronomical. Jesus did exactly what he planned to do. Thousands watched Him die by the hands of professional executioners, and hundreds saw Him raised days later. His life went according to plan. His plan was to give His life as ransom for many. His plan was to give His life for you and me. 

At Crossroads Church we celebrate life that death cannot stop. Easter Sunday we will baptize several people whose life story did not go according to plan. These people have experienced great loss but through the grace of Jesus have received great gain. The stories in our Church and across the globe are endless in that Jesus does what He says. His plan for us is good. 

For His glory and the good of the valley.